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What is Indian Kathakali Dance?

What is Indian Kathakali Dance? I confess that I’d been going to India for over 30 years before going to see a performance of Kathakali. You see Kathakali posters and masks in souvenir shops all over India but I’d always rather

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The Story of Jali Style Indian Carving

Throughout northern India and Nepal you’ll see variations on the idea of Jali carving. The term “Jali” comes from the Urdu word for “net” and the characteristic of Jali is that a solid surface has been carved to create empty

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What is the correct Meditation Posture?

You may have decided to take up meditation but not be sure how you should sit. Of course some people lie down to meditate but there’s a danger of falling asleep! Also you can meditate while walking but the general

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Indian Sculpture – What is the lost Wax Process?

Many Indian statues are made by the lost wax process. Lost wax casting is a process for making metal statues in which a wax sculpture of an image is covered in clay which is then baked. As the clay is

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Butter Lamps and Oil Lamps

You’ll find oil lamps burning in Hindu and Buddhist temples throughout India, Nepal and Tibet. In these cultures fire is a symbol of transformation, for Hindus the cremation after death is a transformative process. For a Buddhist the offering of

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