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India is a treasure store of traditional crafts. For over 30 years we’ve been travelling to India and been amazed by the diversity of decorative skills applied especially to wood carving and fabrics. The variety of Indian cottons and silks is seemingly limitless and any visit to Delhi should take in the textile collection at the Craft Museum near Pragati Maiden.

Wood carving is an important decorative and cultural tradition in most parts of India. In the forested north, houses are wholly or partly built from timber and decorated with floral and geometric carving.  Masks are used in ceremonial and religious contexts and human and animal figures carved into decorative details.

We’re gradually adding to this web site a beautiful collection of woodcarvings, embroidered cottons and woven silks. In addition there are stone and other decorative and ritual items, silk weavings from Laos, paintings. You’ll also find beautifully finished hardwood meditation stools made in our workshops in Sheffield. At www.naturalbed.co.uk you can see the contemporary beds we make in Sheffield and www.himalaya-diaries.co.uk you can view stories and photos from our treks in the Indian Himalayas.

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