Carvings and Collectibles

Carved wooden objects are the mainstay of this collection of decorative artefacts which also includes stone and metalwork. Something clearly made by hand, with all the irregularities of the maker’s talent, can truly enrich our modern world of clean lines and perfected design.
Wood carving is an important decorative and cultural tradition in most parts of India – architecture, household objects and religious or cultural figures all offer opportunities for decoration and expression. In the forested north, houses are wholly or partly built from timber and often decorated with floral and geometric carving, sometimes including door lintels with carvings of Ganesh.
Contemporary Indian craftsmen are skilled at restoring and reusing precious old carvings and giving them a new lease of life and also skilled at replicating old designs – which means we can have an authentic looking piece of work that satisfies us and simultaneously keeps the skills alive. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s old and what looks old!
One of the most delightful items on this page is the blackened Copper Water Vessel, a simple everyday item, perfect in it’s simplicity though no doubt in danger of being replaced by a plastic bucket!

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