Folk Art Paintings from India

Folk Art from India
India is a large and varied country and Indian folk art encompasses many styles including the extraordinary paintings of the Gond and Warli tribes of central India. With their imaginative depictions of tribal myth and village scenes, their paintings give a brilliant insight into the lives of Indian tribal people. Follow this link to a wonderful blog about Gond Paintings.
A wonderful film by Johnny Magee of life in a Warli village, simply called Warli, can be viewed here.
Saura paintings from Orissa have some similarity to the Warli but are laid out and painted in an entirely different way.
Mithila paintings are from Bihar where, like the Gond and Warli, their paintings are traditionally painted on the walls of houses.
The Kalamkari paintings come from a different tradition and show Hanuman and other classic characters from the Hindu epics. Kalamkari means pen and brush and these paintings are executed on cloth with traditional vegetable dyes and special bamboo pens.

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