Meditation: Stools, Incense, Blankets

You may have decided to take up meditation but not be sure how you should sit. If you can’t sit crossed legged, a stool can be the answer. We make meditation stools that have the advantage of being portable – take them with you when you go on retreat – and giving you perfect support.
The clear ringing tones of Tibetan healing bowls are often used at the start and finish of a meditation ‘sit’. Ours are hand beaten alloys of several metals with the overall colour of dull brass and are made in the town of Patan, in the Kathmandu valley.
Incense – where would we be without it! We love these traditional earthy Tibetan aromas made from different herbs and plants, sometimes combining over 30 ingredients. The herbs are often gathered locally so the resulting incense will vary from area to area. Unlike Indian incense there no wooden stick in the core of Tibetan incense.
Tibetan incense is traditionally made in monasteries and, because it is used for healing, by Tibetan doctors. Excellent for meditation; a wonderful aroma to sweeten the air at home and to invoke memories of monasteries and travel in Tibet. Read our blog about how we found Dr Dhadon, the maker of Tara Healing incense.
‘Tibetan yak wool’ blankets are perfect for keeping you warm when sitting in meditation. Choose a colour to suit your personality and meditation practise. Fold one over your meditation stool for extra comfort!

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