Vintage Kantha Bedcovers and Quilts

Vintage Kantha Bedcovers are lightweight quilts and the ultimate upcycled bedding. Kantha is a tradition that originates in West Bengal and Bangladesh where several layers of old saris are restitched together to make new bedcovers and baby blankets. Kantha refers to the running stitch that passes through the layers to hold them together. Older pieces have tight wavy stitching, on newer pieces the stitches tend to follow straight lines or square patterns.
The fabrics are often vibrant and boldly patterned, one side is usually more dramatic.
Older Kanthas can be 100 years old and are often white, they can cost hundreds of dollars and are regarded as museum pieces.
Sizes and weights vary somewhat as do their ages, most are least 40 years old, though some new fabrics can be seen – it’s in the nature of Kanthas that they are repaired and renewed over time. They have been washed, often many times, and they often contain small repair patches and occasionally some stitched repairs, these are part of the detail that make these wonderful textiles so fascinating – we should think of each one as an individual work of art. They all have a story and every one is unique.
Use them on the bed, over a sofa, for a picnic rug or as wall art. They are feature pieces that work equally well with modern and antique interiors.

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