Indian Brass Statues | Silk Road Gallery
Indian Brass Statues | Silk Road Gallery

Indian Brass Statues | Silk Road Gallery

Indian Brass Statues | Silk Road Gallery

This photo of the Silk Road Gallery shows a glimpse of Indian brass statues and Afghan copper wares alongside Tibetan incense, Rajasthani printing blocks, Afghan tent bands and blue ceramic door knobs from Jaipur.

The statues are simplistic folk art castings from Madya Pradesh and Orissa of figures going about daily life activities of hunting, eating and drinking and playing musical instruments, remarkable for the detail in the clothing and humour in the facial expressions.
The Afghan copper vessels are from a collection we gathered in the late 1970′s and have beautiful hammered and chased surface patterns. Likewise the Afghan tent bands date from an early collection, long handwoven lengths of wool used by Kuchi nomads to secure tent belongings and the tent itself.
The printing blocks and ceramics door knobs are from Rajasthan – we watched a skilled woodcarver make these blocks by finely chiselling away a block of wood until the pattern was created. Blocks like this are used for printing fabrics in a process known as wood block printing. Many different blocks are used to make the final piece of fabric.
Blue ceramics have decorated many aspects of architecture, tiling and household items like these cupboard door knobs.
We love Tibetan incense, the rich earthy aromas that permeate monasteries and shrines throughout the Buddhist Himalaya regions of Tibet, Nepal and Ladakh in northern India.


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